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Choose the self-supporting gate with a twister time faster gate along with the lighter structure. Telescopic gates allow the sliding gate to take less space to its sides and then two leaves are working simultaneously. We manufacture manual, access or automatic controlled telescopic gates. We have the name of one of the best telescopic gate manufacturers in chennai. Makes our telescopic gates in composite wood, wrought iron etc. If you are not satisfied with finding the right design, here, we bring your expected designs. 

Multiple personalised designs are available here such as the Telescopic wrought iron gates, steel gates, stainless steel gates, composite gates, wood plated gates or bespoke design gates. This gate structure has two more modular wings which involves space saving technology. Telescopic gates are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. Have the modern designs and partial opening is easily achieved. Enjoy the key benefits with our Telescopic gates. 

sliding gate manufacturers in chennai
Telescopic Gate Manufacturers in chennai