Our Services


Understanding the design is so important that, it creates a common vocabulary and structure for the exploration and refinement of ideas, resulting in a better outcome and thus a better product and service.
Our qualified designers are capable of understanding the entire design provided and build a process accordingly.


The process of constructing steel products through a process such as cutting, bending, assembling and by combining typically standardised parts according to the specifications described is carried out in our factory located at Ambattur,Chennai. With our well trained welders and with the help of technology we provide maximum quality to all our customers.


We at Bi-Metal have our own in-house skilled fitters & installers. The experience in, not just designing but, fitting has also rewarded us more. Each item which is tailor made as per the specification standard is being taken care properly during installation to provide more durability and easy operation.

Service & Repair

Tired of your old noisy Gates? Want to Redesign or Repair the Gate as per your need?
We are just a call away! Our service team will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly for you.